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The Real Freddie Mercury
This South Carolina Cabin Is Now a Crown Jewel in the Smithsonian Collections
The Milky Way Ate One of Its Neighbors 10 Billion Years Ago
Let’s Build Cars Out of Batteries
A Human Chain Helped a U.K. Bookshop Move to Its New Location
How a Japanese Island Quietly Disappeared
Toothy Medieval Sea Monster Remains Found in London
Louis Cha, “Master” of Kung-Fu Novels, Has Died at 94
Legacy of Jane Fortune, Champion of Forgotten Women Artists, Lives on in New Initiative
On this day in 1755, Marie Antoinette was born in Vienna, the 15th and final child of Francis I and Habsburg empress Maria Theresa. As a teenager, she was embraced by the French public when she married the future Louis XVI, but a dramatic shift in sentiment would see her sentenced to death by guillotine some two decades later.

Read about the exorbitant tastes of Marie Antoinette.

“Young Revolutioner” Photo by Hayk Shalunts
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