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Southern California Will Soon See Another Booming Superbloom
Europe’s Megalithic Monuments Originated in France and Spread by Sea Routes, New Study Suggests
The Evolution of the College Dorm Chronicles How Colleges Became Less White and Male
There Was the Magazine Quiz. Then Came the Internet. What Now?
Can Fish Recognize Themselves in the Mirror?
How Octavian Succeeded in Discrediting Mark Antony
Museum of the Dog Takes Manhattan
Two Gelada Brothers Viciously Fight for Breeding Rights
On this day in 1938, BBC aired the first science fiction television program, broadcasting Karel Čapek’s seminal play, R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots).

Read about how the fleshy, goopy beings in Čapek’s script became the original robots.

“Missing Serenade” Photo by Hardijanto Budiman
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