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These Beautiful Maps Capture the Rivers That Pulse Through Our World
Women’s Rights Monument in N.Y.C. Approved Amid Accusations of Whitewashing
Which Came First, Vengeful Gods or Complex Civilizations?
For Turn-of-the-Century African-Americans, the Camera Was a Tool for Empowerment
Baby Monkey Born Using Frozen Testicular Tissue, Giving Hope for Infertile Childhood Cancer Survivors
The Original ‘Dumbo’ Story Would Have Had More Twists and Turns
How a Smithsonian Ecologist Is Working With Local Communities to Plan for the Future
Newly Public Letters Show Georgia O’Keeffe’s Quest for Independence
How Svalbard’s Glaciers Precipitate an Arctic Feeding Frenzy
How Much Electricity Can Thunderstorms Produce?
On this day in 1996, the Montana Freemen started a 81-day standoff against the F.B.I. The conflict was the latest in a string of showdowns between federal agents and anti-government fringe groups.

Read about how the impasse informed the federal government’s reaction to the 41-day standoff in Oregon in 2016.

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