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  1. Here’s how Columbus is getting more people to switch to electric cars

    Ohio’s state capital is in the throes of a Smart City transformation.

  2. Brace yourselves: Exploit published for serious Magento bug allowing card skimming [Updated]

    Magento admins: Beware of SQL flaw that requires no authentication.

  3. Initial findings put Boeing’s software at center of Ethiopian 737 crash

    Preliminary finding connects Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes, software misfire.

  4. The first space-worthy Vulcan rocket is taking shape

    “The age of Vulcan has begun.”

  5. Boston Dynamics’ latest robot is a mechanical ostrich that loads pallets

    The latest creation from Softbank’s Boston Dynamics looks ready for actual work.

  6. Rocket Report: Proton price cut, SpaceX HD launch video, SLS blowback

    Also, Germany has a crazy plan to catch rockets and reuse them. It’s named FALCon.

  7. The US will need a lot more neodymium if it wants an offshore wind boom

    Magnet reuse could help ease the burden, but processes for this must be established.


  1. Terrifying trailer for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will give you mega-chills

    Guillermo del Toro brings the terror in adaptation of spooky children’s book series.

  2. Former NSA contractor pleads guilty to stealing classified material

    Plea leaves one of the biggest whodunnits in national security history unsolved.

  3. Apple apologizes for failing MacBook keyboards yet again

    The failures may be uncommon, but third time isn’t the charm for this design.

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