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Welcome to the “New Scientist” update from Hawaii Intelligence Digest.   Views expressed in this science and technology news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Content supplied by “New Scientist.”  Accessed on 27 April 2019, 0335 UTC.


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Sensors made from gummy bears could monitor how children chew

Cyclone Kenneth is one of the strongest storms to hit mainland Africa

How did the ancient Egyptians catch and mummify millions of ibises?

Tomorrow Inc: how Stanley Kubrick designed the future

Writing: Making Your Mark reveals the power of the written word

Facebook announces plans to combat misinformation during EU elections


The science behind Extinction Rebellion’s three climate change demands

Oldest woman ever or impostor? The controversial case of Calment

Reef halo riddle: What’s behind the mysterious rings around coral?

What would happen if you got sucked into a black hole?

Must we topple Einstein to let physics leap forward again?

Protein mania: The problem with the West’s latest diet obsession


The truth about the QWERTY keyboard

Have people in the UK really been banned from shooting wood pigeons?

Genetically modified virus may shrink incurable brain cancers

The UK has already had more wildfires in 2019 than any year on record

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