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You Can Buy Heisei Air to Commemorate End of Era

The nostalgic keepsake goes up for sale in advance of Emperor Akihito’s abdication


At Future Con, Scientists Are the Real Superheroes

A part of Washington, D.C.’s Awesome Con, the dynamic presentation series blends entertainment and education


Did England’s ‘White Queen’ Die of the Plague?

A 500-year-old letter recently found in the National Archives suggests the queen was buried quickly and without ceremony due to fear of contagion


Someone Started a Fire at the National Archives

An exterior wall of the building sustained some damage, but no one was harmed by the flames


A New Book Explores Abandoned Places in Texas

In a new book, Shane and Jessica Steeves capture some of the state’s abandoned churches, schools and hotels


Ocean Wind and Waves Have Grown Stronger

Decades of satellite data show changes in the ocean that could lead to more destructive storm surges and coastal erosion


This Scientist Has Studied Monkeys for Over 50 Years

Macaques are the most studied monkeys in the world, thanks to the efforts of scientists like Wolfgang Dittus. He arrived in Sri Lanka 50 years ago and has devoted his life to better understand theirs


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