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Last Known U.S. Slave Ship Found

The discovery carries intense, personal meaning for an Alabama community of descendants of the ship’s survivors


Reimagining the Megalodon

The ancient beast of the oceans comes to life in a new display at the National Museum of Natural History


Worn-Out Teeth Show Ancient Egyptian Craftswoman

Wear patterns suggest a woman buried in the ancient city of Mendes processed papyrus reeds, a job women were not previously known to do


This Ink Is Made From Air Pollution

About 45 minutes of diesel car pollution reaps 30 milliliters of AIR-INK, now on display at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum


Huge Circus Poster Found in Walls of Wisconsin Bar

It advertised an 1885 performance by the Great Anglo-American Circus


Ancient Fossil Pushes Back Origin of Fungi

Ancient fungus helps rewrite what we know about evolution and the tree of life


The Hydrothermal Process That Powers Geysers

Geysers, such as Iceland’s impressive Strokkur Geysir, are often the result of trapped water hitting hot volcanic rock. The resulting vapor creates immense pressure, forcing water out through vents in the surface


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