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Earth Sciences

Researchers find slowdown in Earth’s temps stabilized nature’s calendar

Sometimes referred to as nature’s calendar, phenology looks at the seasonal life cycle of plants and animals and is one of the leading indicators of climate change. It’s the observance of natural occurrences like the first …

Materials Science

Research team develops bioinks to print therapeutics in 3-D

A team of researchers at Texas A&M University has developed an innovative way to print therapeutics in 3-D for regenerative medicine.

Sweet! How C. difficile toxin A enters intestinal cells

Clostridiodes difficile infection has become a leading cause of severe, sometimes fatal diarrheal illness. It flourishes best in hospitals and long-term care facilities where people are on long-term antibiotic treatment, …

Nanomaterial safety on a nano budget

With a little practice, it doesn’t take much more than 10 minutes, a couple of bags and a big bucket to keep nanomaterials in their place.

Lithium boosts muscle strength in mice with rare muscular dystrophy

Standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, brushing one’s hair—all can be a struggle for people with a rare form of muscular dystrophy that causes progressive weakness in the shoulders and hips. Over time, many such people …

New genetic weapons challenge sickle cell disease

Help for patients with sickle cell disease may soon come from gene editing to fix the mutation that causes the disease and boost the patient’s own protective fetal hemoglobin.

CRISPR baby mutation significantly increases mortality

A genetic mutation that a Chinese scientist attempted to create in twin babies born last year, ostensibly to help them fend off HIV infection, is also associated with a 21% increase in mortality in later life, according to …


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 Medical Xpress

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes
Stalk antibodies provide flu protection in humans
Alzheimer’s disease & dementia
Brush your teeth—postpone Alzheimer’s

 Tech Xplore

Heart of lonesome galaxy is brimming with dark matter

Isolated for billions of years, a galaxy with more dark matter packed into its core than expected has been identified by astronomers using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Stalk antibodies provide flu protection in humans

A universal flu vaccine that could prevent a potential influenza pandemic has been a holy grail for epidemiologists around the world ever since the first flu vaccines were developed in 1938.

Fermi observations provide insights into the nature of Terzan 5 globular cluster

Using NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, astronomers have collected important data that could disclose the real nature of the globular cluster Terzan 5. The new study, presented in a paper published May 24 on, …

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