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  1. Starry aims to bring its $50, 200Mbps broadband to 25 more US states

    Starry buys 24GHz spectrum to serve apartment buildings, some single-family homes.

  2. How many people did it take to colonize Australia?

    A new study suggests a large, deliberate migration from Wallacea.

  3. Are these the first pictures of the “Switch Mini”?

    Accessory maker shows system without detachable Joy-Cons, with traditional d-pad.

  4. Declassified satellite images show how Himalayan glaciers have shrunk

    And the rate of ice loss is increasing.

  5. Oracle issues emergency update to patch actively exploited WebLogic flaw

    Oracle’s WebLogic Java appserver hit with the third in a series of exploited RCEs.

  6. Researchers make a robotic fish with a battery for blood

    A liquid battery powers pumps that use its fluid pressure to move the robot.

  7. Twitch sues users who posted porn, racism, and more to Artifact stream page

    Lawsuit says use of automated tools harmed its business, amounts to fraud.


  1. Ars on your lunch break: engineering superbugs, accidentally or otherwise

    Synthetic biology and hacking viruses sounds great until you wipe out humanity.

  2. We should create a global DNA threat-detection network to fight future pathogens

    In this guest post, geneticist George Church talks about early detection and surveillance.

  3. How do you improve a great racing game? Just add Lego bricks

    The LEGO Speed Champions expansion for Forza Horizon 4 is awesome.