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Pluralism: Beyond the One and Only Truth

Some big questions, such as how matter makes mind and what quantum mechanics means, may not have a single, definitive answer — Read more on
The Atmospheric Microbiome

For single-celled organisms Earth’s atmosphere represents transport, refuge, and possibly a habitat — Read more on
Readers Respond to the May 2019 Issue

Letters to the editor from the May 2019 issue of Scientific American — Read more on


At 100, James Lovelock Has New Ideas About Gaia and Earth’s Future

Our blue-marble planet, imaged by the DSCOVR spacecraft. Life maintains a stubborn balance here–but for how long? (Credit: NOAA/EPIC) James Lovelock has a lot to celebrate. The renowned British futurist and environmentalist just enjoyed a 100th birthday party with his wife and friends. Over his long career he has seen his once-controversial Gaia hypothesis steadily gain significant acceptance amo


Farmers, chefs fight to save classic ingredients in Mexican cuisine

Speaking against a backdrop of two soaring, snow-capped volcanoes, Asuncion Diaz explains his fight to save the original poblano chile, one of the most important ingredients in Mexican cuisine, from climate change and other threats.
Legal respite only temporary as Amazon indigenous battle miners

The Amazon’s Amahuaca people braved marauding rubber tappers a century ago, and now face a new threat to their survival as gold mines and oil wells increasingly encircle their jungle home.
Water or Gold? Eternal question nags Ecuador tribes

The indigenous people of Ecuador’s wind-whipped alpine tundra of Quimsacocha face a stark choice, according to their leader, Yaku Perez.
Tropical Storm Humberto targets hurricane-hit Bahamas

The devastated northern Bahama islands were facing a fresh tropical storm on Saturday, potentially complicating desperately needed relief efforts to the shattered archipelago in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.
Protests against German car industry rev up in Frankfurt

Environmental campaigners plan to disrupt the Frankfurt motor show this weekend as Germany’s car industry comes under increasing pressure to go green and abandon internal combustion engines.


Where to find cardboard boxes when you’re moving

Aww, what a good helper—already found you a box. (Erda Estremera via Unsplash/) Moving day approaches. You’ve got to start packing. But odds are, you don’t have enough boxes, storage containers, and assorted bags lying around to transport everything you own. Sure, you could buy a bunch , but that costs money. There are plenty of ways to get your boxes for nothin’ and pack up for free . You can fi


High social support associated with less violence among male teens in urban neighborhoods

Researchers find that the presence of adult social support is linked to less violence among at-risk teen boys.
Ancient Australia was home to strange marsupial giants, some weighing over 1,000 kg

Palorchestid marsupials, an extinct group of Australian megafauna, had strange bodies and lifestyles unlike any living species.


Old Sci-Fi Movies Probably Aren’t as Good as You Remember

Watching ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’ can be quite a shock in the 21st.
6 Reasons to Ditch Google’s Chrome Browser for Vivaldi on Android

An innovative browser has launched on Android for the first time. Here’s why you might want to give it a shot.
Space Photos of the Week: Spying on Jupiter

The spacecraft Juno made it through a very hostile environment to send back images of this enormous, telegenic, enshrouded planet.
You Too Can Make These Fun Games (No Experience Necessary)

Games built with the open source tool Bitsy are often more like stories. Our writer created one in two hours.
‘Simjacker’ Attack Can Track Phones Just by Sending a Text

White house spying, North Korea sanctions, and more of the week’s top security news.
8 Best Zink Instant Cameras & Printers (Zero Ink, Inkless)

We’ve been testing inkless “Zero Ink” printers and instant cameras for months. These are our favorites.

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